Kamis, 07 Juli 2016

Ode to buy buy baby!!!

That was until Bladen figured out the chair moves when he does! He would scoot, scoot, scoot and I don't want there to be a day where the chair tips over. It just seems too unstable to use all of the time. It would be one thing to use while having dinner, but Bladen likes to sit and color while I do things in the kitchen. Soooo it was off to buy a high chair. I did some research online and was looking for something simple, easy to clean, height adjustable. It was a Friday evening, hot, we entered the Babies R Us-really the only baby store in town. There was a moderate amount of other shoppers, but not overwhelming. Bladen and I made our way to the high chair aisle. I pulled the demos down, tried out the trays, checked things here and there, and in my mind had it narrowed down to 2 models. High chair 1. Baby Trend/Babies R Us: I actually liked the pattern-kid friendly but in parent friendly black, red and gray. The seat cover is machine washable which is a mandatory for me. It has a removable tray insert (however it has many dividers which do not allow for certain sized plate or bowls). It's height is adjustable, so Bladen can be brought to the table in the future. Simple. Price-regularly $99 on sale for $79 High chair 2. Chicco Polly: Did not like the pattern as much, but I did like the structure of the high chair and how compact it was when folded. It was priced at $129.99, but I had a 20% off coupon. Also is height adjustable and has a removable tray insert. The tray is large which is great and the insert just had one cup holder. After an hour of comparing high chairs, NO ONE came to ask if I needed help!!! Finally I found someone and told them I had some questions. She had no idea. She said the furniture guy was not working right then, but she would ask the manager to come over. My questions weren’t that difficult; really needed a sounding board and wanted to know about customer feedback regarding high chair features. After waiting and waiting, I end up just picking the Baby Trend/B R Us one, the same girl comes. The manager told her to tell me that I would have to look at the features listed on the boxes and decide. WHY THANK YOU...I hadn't thought of looking at the features!!! What a great concept!!! Could it be I did, and I had questions about the features listed on the box!?! As a manager, shouldn't you be familiar with your products? Or at least allow a customer to talk out their issues/questions about the products!!!! I was appalled the manager did not even come over and apologize for not being able to help! I made my purchase and went home. The more I thought about it, the more I was outraged at the horrible customer service!!! The next day I assembled the high chair. I do not like the way you have to put the tray on-you push the release vs. pull, so it takes 2 hands. Also, when giving Bladen lunch, I realized the "nice" dividers on the removable tray are great if you put the food right on it, but we like to use plates and bowls! After talking with my husband, I've decided 2 things: 1. I am going to return the high chair and get something else 2. I am going to purchase it at buy buy baby and not give B R Us my business! Why I LOVE Buy Buy Baby (hereinafter BBB) We were looking for strollers and they had the Britax b-nimble (umbrella stroller that holds the Chaperone!!!) I happened to come across BBB's website and saw they had a store in Valencia (just over an hour away, but thankfully on the way to family). We stopped in!! I had no idea this store existed. It is a sister store to Bed Bath and Beyond. If you have not been, just imagine a Bed Bath and Beyond with BABY ITEMS!!!! The best part, AMAZING customer service...every time we go!!! Not only are they friendly and helpful, they are knowledgeable about the products they sell. If they don't know the answer, someone in the store does and they gladly get the right person for you! I would characterize it as mom and pop customer service at a chain store. Here is an example: We were looking for the perfect cup holder for our Britax B-Agile. After deciding on one for about $30, we saw an official "Britax" one attached to the B-Ready stroller. We asked if they sold it in the store...no. So they checked online...no. Ok, thank you for checking...well wait a minute. We watch the employee reach in the B-Ready's basket and pull out a red drink holder, just like the one attached. He hands it to us and says, “here you can have this one.” Me- (o) (o) deer in headlights. He literally just GAVE use the item. When he saw my reluctance, he apologized it was not black! I quickly came to and said the red was just perfect and thanked him profusely! There are PLENTY of other examples! So there you go…that is why I am thinking of starting a campaign: Bring Buy Buy Baby to Bakersfield!!!!!

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